Make EDI simple

The QBridge from EIS is a highly scalable AS2 server platform.
Simplicity is the goal, and with minimal setup you can have on-premise systems communicating with external partner.

Secure, clustered, reliable AS2 messaging

You need a secure, highly available, AS2 messaging server for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

EDI is complex, there's choosing an AS2 Server application, building a clustered set of machines to host, hooking it all up with a DMZ and firewalls, and then having to perform routine security audits to ensure you haven't exposed your business to potential security threats.

QBridge makes EDI simple, using a hybrid approach that offloads the security and complexity of hosting AS2 servers into the cloud, while letting you integrate with the on-premise systems you have today. Be up and running in minutes, not weeks.

Powered by Microsoft Azure

Our highly available AS2 services are powered by the latest tool and technologies from Microsoft Azure, Kuberenets and Docker.

Data Security

Your companies message data is stored in your own Azure Storage Container, hosted in your own Azure subscription. You have 100% control of your data.

Quick and Easy to setup

In less than an hour you can have a full AS2 solution deployed and working, sending and reciving messages to external partners.

Secure on-premise

The on-premise QBridge client does not require inbound firewall rules, only outbound access to your Azure storage container is required.

Dashboard control

Control your AS2 services from our easy to use dashboard. Add new partners, view messaging logs, and monitor for any issues in sending business critical data.

Universal Messaging Platform

The AS2 messaging standard was created by the Internet Engineering Task Force in 2002, and is used by millions of systems globally.

What makes up the QBridge solution

EIS QBridge Service

The EIS QBridge service is a highly scalable AS2 server platform that performs the tasks of message encryption, signing, data verification, logging, and exception handling.
The service is controlled from the EIS dashboard, which can be used to add new AS2 partners, as well as monitor message flows.
Every client has their own dedicated AS2 server(s), hosted in the EIS Kubernetes environment. Messages sent and received by the service are not kept on the AS2 servers for security.

Azure Storage account

Message received from AS2 partners are immediately stored in the Azure storage account. They will queue here until they are downloaded by the on-premise windows service.
Outbound messages are uploaded here before being sent to the appropriate AS2 partner.

EIS QBridge Client (Windows Service)

The QBridge client is a windows service that performs 2 functions:
– Monitoring local (or network) folders for files to be sent to an AS2 partner (and thus uploaded into Azure storage).
– Pulling AS2 messages from an Azure storage container, and saving them in a local directory
The Client should be installed on multiple machines, and setup in a standard windows cluster for high availability

Data Flow

Get started

Create an Azure subscription

To ensure that all your messages are stored by your company, and in your control, they are all stored in an Azure storage account. This account must be owned by your company.

From the Azure Marketplace, create an EIS QBridge service

This will create your subscription with EIS, and setup the QBridge portal for entering details for your EDI partners, such as AS2-Name, web service address, and encryption/signing options.

Install the QBridge windows service

On the machine(s) that you would like to send and/or receive files from, install the QBridge windows service. Once configured, this service will manage uploading and downloading data to your Azure storage account.