Why use QBridge for your AS2 EDI?

Setting up a new AS2 installation can be complex and requires specialist expertise to ensure the final solution provides both security and reliability. Factors to consider are:

  • How many AS2 servers do I need in a load balanced cluster, and how do I ensure those nodes aren’t all in the same physical network to protect from hardware and environmental failures?
  • How will a setup a DMZ to ensure my internal on-premise AS2 servers, and the network, are not open to malicious attacks such as DDOS?
  • How do I provide 100% up time, while ensuring servers and application are patched regularly?
  • How can I monitor my AS2 system for availability, and auditing?
  • What AS2 server do I purchase, and how much is the licensing per year, on top of my infrastructure costs.

QBridge was designed to give any organisation a rapid path to setting up an AS2 EDI solution between on-premise systems, and external clients. The EIS solution consists of 3 main components, these are:

  • An on-premise windows service, acting as a relay between local on-premise folders, and an Azure data storage container. This service pulls new incoming messages on-prem, and uploads outbound messages.
  • A Microsoft Azure Data store, which acts as a queue for inbound and outbound EDI messages. By having messages queue in an Azure data store, the on-premise service can be taken off-line without any loss of messages, they are simply queued util on-premise systems are available again.
  • An EIS QBridge subscription which hosts multiple AS2 servers in a managed cloud environment. Each subscription has its own dedicated servers, configured to pull and push data from your Azure storage subscription and send/receive EDI messages.

The QBridge Dashboard

The dashboard provides a quick and easy way to view the status of you AS2 servers. All messages inbound and outbound are logged with details of the sender, receiver, and the message state. Messages can also be downloaded for review. Messages are not stored in your Azure subscription, and EIS only hold links to data it has processed.

Quick and Easy Configuration

New AS2 EDI partners can be added in minutes from the Configuration page. Once added, the on-premise windows service can be configured to save incoming messages from the new AS2 partner (Contoso in this case), and you’re ready to go. Likewise, an on-premise folder can then be monitored for picking up EDI messages to the new Contoso AS2 partner.