Firewall settings

The following page details the ports and IP-addresses used by the QBridge platform.

On-premise firewall

This refers to the outbound firewall settings required for the on-premise Windows Service to perform message sending and receiving.

DirectionDNS NamePorts
Outbound (on-premise to Azure storage) &
where xxxx is the name of your Azure storage container.
445, 443

The connection from your on-premise machine to your Azure storage container is not controlled by EIS, and as such we cannot provide a definitive list of IP address and ports used by Microsoft. It is recommended any outbound firewall rule is based on the DNS name. Microsoft do provided the following list of IP address:

AS2 EDI partner firewall

This refers to the firewall of 3rd parties that will be receiving AS2 messages from a QBridge subscription (they may use this in a white-list).

DirectionIP AddressPorts
Inbound (EIS AS2 servers to 3rd party AS2 server)